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At the Schumacher Companies we understand that training is ongoing. We have created a training center where we assemble our employees for all kinds of training aspects such as: ISO quality training, dimensional instrument training, document training, chemical process training, company policies, Environmental Health and Safety training just to name a few. At the Schumacher companies we generate a workforce that is confident in their abilities without undue pressure or fear of reprimand due to lack of training or communication of information by providing ongoing refresher training. We understand that our future is our employees and the better trained workforce that we create the brighter future that we all have to look forward to.


At the Schumacher Companies we put Quality first. We understand that our customers deserve the very best Quality when it comes to the coating life of their components. First thing we will do We have highly trained inspectors that do a 100% visual inspection upon receiving our customers parts. We are looking for such things like physical damage, imperfections in the substrate, porosity in the substrate. We will also confirm any dimensional sizing that we believe is needed. If we notice something that we believe could be a potential problem we will not assume that you are aware we will contact and communicate to you and make sure we all start out on the same page.
We also perform in process inspection to ensure that every step of the coating process is of the highest Quality. Upon final inspection once again we will do 100% visual inspection and confirm coating deposit thickness and check and verify all final dimensions.
Even though we have been in the business for seventy-five years we fully understand that in our customers eyes we are only as good as our last job. Therefore we will take every measure to ensure when our customers parts leave our facilities that they are of the highest coating Quality and that we have created value to you as our customer.

Please see our Quality Statement Below:

The Schumacher Companies pledges to provide quality products, consistently, and on time meeting the requirements of its customers with due care to the Environment and Health and Safety of all.
Management adopts measures to protect the environment/human health and prevent pollution/ injury/illness/harm through compliance with applicable legal and other requirements related to environmental aspects/ health and safety hazards. Management identifies environmental aspects and occupational health hazards and takes timely steps to mitigate the impact from these aspects and the risk arising from health and safety hazards.
Top management is committed to achieving these tasks through a set of procedures, work instructions, forms and records. Top management ensures that every employee understands and complies with the requirements of the organization’s Quality/Environmental/OH&S Management Systems conforming to ISO 9001:2008/ISO14001:2004/OSHA 18001:2007 Standards. These established Quality/Environmental/OH&S objectives, policy, procedures and instructions shall be periodically reviewed for adequacy, continuing suitability and effectiveness of the respective management system.